2018: A Year In Review

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2018: A Year In Review

This past year was absolutely incredible! We won the Best of Weddings award from The Knot. We launched our new website and unveiled our new logo/brand. However, it’s the spectacular events we planned and designed that really made this year one for the books! We worked on dozens of gorgeous weddings like this one for Sabrina and Todd… and we organized multiple corporate events like this stylish steampunk party for Akeneo. We planned birthdays, anniversaries, showers and more. We got to know each of our clients and we brought their visions to life! So, it really was an incredible year full of creativity, passion, and LOVE. An experience that we can’t wait to relive in 2019!

Unique End of Year Party Themes and Decor

Forget the tinsel and the tree this is your chance to have some fun! You don’t have to decorate with red, green, silver and gold to celebrate the holidays. It’s the end of the year and it’s time to mix things up! We’ve coordinated lots of unique end of year gatherings, like a casino night… a Cirque du Soleil celebration…. and an old Hollywood themed party (complete with Marilyn Monroe & Elton John impersonators)! We’ve even planned a 007 themed New Year’s Eve party for one of our private clients. There were James Bond impersonators, ice sculptures, and even a waitstaff that dressed as the Gold Girls from The Man With The Golden Gun. So, as you can see, the […]

Three Tips To Plan The Perfect Holiday Celebration

Make your annual holiday party worth your time and money by wowing your guests with an event they’ll never forget! Here’s how… 1. SWITCH IT UP FROM LAST YEAR – think about what you did last year and throw those plans out the window. Your 2018 holiday celebration should be different and fun. Consider a new theme/venue and if you’re having trouble tapping into your creative side then call on a planner like SYB Event Planning to help you come up with some unique ideas. 2. GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY – we love when our clients give back and their guests do too! One idea we’ve seen and love is  adopting a family for the holidays. As the host, […]

What To Expect When Working With An Event Planner

Are you wondering what an event planner really does? The answer is everything! Planning an event can be truly stressful. There are so many vendors with different products and services that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But, if you hire an event planner, they’ll help you navigate through all of your options with efficiency and ease while keeping you within budget. Once they’ve secured your vendors, they’ll assist with event design and logistics. A good planner will meet with your vendors and come up with creative ways to bring your vision to life. They’ll organize all of your event details and identify any issues that could arise. Then they’ll develop a plan to combat all of those potential problems and […]

The Most Important Graduation Party Detail

When planning a corporate function, fundraiser or wedding there are many elements to consider. You have to find the perfect venue, entertainment, florist and more. However, when you’re planning a graduation celebration, there’s really just one thing that matters… the menu! Most graduation parties are held at home. So, instead of focusing on the perfect venue, we book our clients the most spectacular caterer. If you want to make your graduation party special then forgo the typical buffet and opt for an interactive carving station, pasta station or even a poutine station! But, don’t let your creativity end there! Once dinner is through, roll out a cake that will wow your guests. This particular cake was for a group of […]