Three Tips To Plan The Perfect Holiday Celebration

Make your annual holiday party worth your time and money by wowing your guests with an event they’ll never forget! Here’s how…

1. SWITCH IT UP FROM LAST YEAR – think about what you did last year and throw those plans out the window. Your 2018 holiday celebration should be different and fun. Consider a new theme/venue and if you’re having trouble tapping into your creative side then call on a planner like SYB Event Planning to help you come up with some unique ideas.

Photography Credit: Studio B Photography

2. GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY – we love when our clients give back and their guests do too! One idea we’ve seen and love is  adopting a family for the holidays. As the host, you’d ask your guests to bring an item to place under the family’s tree. People get really into this activity as it’s not only fun but makes them feel good at the same time!

Photography Credit: Jonathan Beckley

3. START PLANNING NOW – the best venues fill up fast, so start getting quotes now! You don’t want to miss out on your first-choice vendors because remember, you’re planning the party of the year!