Why You Should Plan A Themed Event

James Bond… Arabian Night… Cirque du Soleil… we’ve done it all!

We love a good themed celebration! Not just because they’re fun and engaging but because they’re creative, thoughtful and they send a message to your guests.

Photography Credit: Binita Patel Photography

For example, the team at Presidio North wanted to plan a holiday celebration that would not only celebrate their accomplishments for the year but an event that would pay homage to their territory within Presidio National. They wanted to teach their guests all about Boston and the history of this incredible city.
So, we brought their theme (Historic Boston) to life.

We set the stage in the Prudential Center at Skywalk Observatory. A venue complete with information stations about the history of Boston and a view of the city that can’t be beat!
We made sure the food was Boston themed and brought in a living statue from Ten31 Productions.
A piece of Boston was incorporated into every aspect of this event, making the entire celebration feel cohesive and clear with it’s overall messaging.

We used this same technique at an 80’s themed birthday party back in December. The food, entertainment, decorations and waitstaff all came together to propel the overall theme for a very special lady’s 40th Birthday.

Photography Credit: Jonathan Beckley

What’s the message here, you ask? It was a celebration of life with a nod to the birthday girl’s hay day!

Photography Credit: Jonathan Beckley

So, as you can see theme parties are more than just fun! If planned correctly, they can be used as a valuable tool to send a message to your guests.