An Interview with SYB Event Planning: Soraya’s Journey

Soraya Y. Belgacem is the founder and owner of SYB Event Planning. Soraya has been planning events for 14 years and it all began at the University of Massachusetts Lowell…

How did you start planning events?
“I fell into event planning when I was a business student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. I was the president of a few student organizations and was required to plan events for the groups. That’s when I realized how much I liked event planning.”

When did you open SYB Event Planning?
“After college, I went on to work in the corporate world (marketing and planning corporate events) and loved it! However, my friends started to get married and began asking for my help. After planning several weddings, a close childhood friend encouraged me to go out on my own. That’s when I started ‘She by Soraya’ (now known as SYB Event Planning). I began by planning events part time and fully launched the business at the end of 2013.”

What was the first event you planned as SYB Event Planning?
“I planned my friend’s wedding at the Neighborhood Club of Quincy.”

“Since the wedding was in October, we designed a fall themed celebration. I booked all the vendors, coordinated with the venue, created floor plans and managed the timeline. It was a lot of fun!”

What was most difficult about planning your first event?
“Naturally, I was a little nervous about making sure I timed everything out right and I didn’t miss any details. But, the event went off without a hitch and my friend was absolutely thrilled with what I had done!”

Now, five years later, Soraya has all the confidence in the world! She’s planned many weddings, corporate events and social gatherings throughout New England. However, there’s one event that stands out in her mind…

Which event that you’ve planned is your favorite?
“My favorite event thus far is ‘Cirque Du Athena’. It was a corporate outing for Athena Health with a fun twist on Cirque Du Soleil.”

Photography Credit: Binita Patel Photography

“I had the opportunity to get creative with not just the décor but with the vendors and artists that I brought in. Some of them had previously toured with the actual Cirque Du Soleil!”

Photography Credit: Binita Patel Photography

With Soraya’s passion, drive, creativity and organizational skills, the future for SYB Event Planning is extremely bright! So, stay tuned as Soraya works to build a nationally recognized company known for its creativity and unique / multicultural celebrations. Just you wait and see…