How to Plan A Memorable Corporate Event AND Stay Within Budget

It’s human nature to work harder when you feel appreciated. That’s why company parties are so important. They create a good work/play balance and leave employees feeling valued. So, suffice it to say these events are truly beneficial for everyone involved.

Years ago, large companies were hosting at least one corporate outing a month. While a few of our clients still do this, more and more businesses are pulling back due to budget constraints.

We’re here to say that is okay, however, it’s that much more important to make sure the events you do plan are memorable!

Photography Credit: Jonathan Beckley

If you’re wondering how to plan an unforgettable outing while staying within budget, the answer is simple.

To be memorable you have to be creative. Think outside the box. If you give your guests an experience they’ve never had before then they won’t forget it.

Photography Credit: Studio B

If you don’t have the funds to book impressive entertainment then just create an interesting theme!

Photography Credit: Binita Patel Photography

We’ve also built events around fun team building activities…

And those don’t cost much at all!

In other instances, we’ve created interesting menus.

Instead of serving hamburgers and hotdogs, we roll out taco bars and make your own gyro stations!

Even an inventive signature drink with simple signage gets guests talking.

Photography Credit: Studio B

In the end, you just have to show your employees that you put some thought behind the event.  It will tell them that their experience is important to you and THAT is what they will remember.