The Most Important Graduation Party Detail

When planning a corporate function, fundraiser or wedding there are many elements to consider. You have to find the perfect venue, entertainment, florist and more. However, when you’re planning a graduation celebration, there’s really just one thing that matters… the menu!

Most graduation parties are held at home. So, instead of focusing on the perfect venue, we book our clients the most spectacular caterer.

Photography Credit: Annie Rae Photography

If you want to make your graduation party special then forgo the typical buffet and opt for an interactive carving station, pasta station or even a poutine station!

But, don’t let your creativity end there! Once dinner is through, roll out a cake that will wow your guests.

This particular cake was for a group of ladies who graduated from Wellesley College. It was our first ever “Drake Cake” (which is quite simply a cake with Drake lyrics on it)! We loved this design because it showed off our clients’ interests and personalities.

On the other hand, you can design a cake that speaks to your field of study. For example, this particular client had just graduated from Tufts Medical School.

Photography Credit: Annie Rae Photography

We carried this theme throughout her celebration where guests found shots of alcohol in syringes at the bar!

Photography Credit: Annie Rae Photography

So, whether you’re choosing your dinner menu or creating cocktails, have fun with it because the most important element at a graduation party is the menu!