Tips for Planning Your Corporate Event

​Whether you’re hosting an event specifically for your employees or networking with other businesses in the area, simply hoping you will have a great end result isn’t enough. As a corporate event planner, SYB Event Planning. wants you to be prepared for your big event, and we have a few reminders for you while you as you start compiling your ideas.

Preparation is everything. If you were to create a checklist of all the items you must remember while corporate event planning, the paper would hit your feet! Budget, invitations, venues, staffing, catering, registration tables, marketing and branding, and entertainment are just a few of the many pieces to this complex puzzle. Be sure to interview your potential vendors, discuss your budget, and know for certain they will be a great addition to your night.

Choose a memorable location. After determining your budget, picking a great location for your event can seriously increase the number of accepted invitations. Consider a venue different than your usual function hall and think outside of the box. We’re close to Boston, New Hampshire, and popular New England locations, after all! There is so many beautiful places to choose from, and we will help find the location that will fit your needs, location, and budget.

Incorporate a theme. Now, we’re not talking about a birthday party themes, but having a color pallet, decorations, displays, and presentations that works with your catering choices or coordinate with your company’s brand creates a cohesive and sophisticated look.

Provide catering options. As we know, no two people are the same and their diets are no exception! Be sure your corporate caterer is able to serve meals and/or appetizers that fit a variety of needs and will taste great. Will work with on-site catering department to work with dietary needs/presentation/customized menu options.

Invest in professional help. Sometimes, these tasks become too much to handle, and we understand! Hiring a professional is often a great way to save the time and stress of creating relationships with vendors and others professionals in the business. SYB is a company dedicated to planning events, we can’t imagine how hard it is for someone to take on that extra responsibility. Our services are extensive, we include everything from planning and corporate catering services to day-of management.

As one of the leading EMCs in the New England area, we will help make a grand statement about your business because Soraya knows the logistics. With 7 years marketing experience and a focused degree in the industry, she knows the ins and outs of corporate events and will focus closely on your goals. With more questions call Soraya today at (978) 996-8289.